PMC Workshops, Events & CanTRA Examinations in 2014
On Saturday, Shalyn Christianson talked about “Equine Vertebral realignment and Joint Play”   Shalyn was born in Regina, Sask. and is a Certified Equine Massage Therapist, CEMT and a Registered Massage Therapist, RMT.  She owns 3 horses and is busy training and entering in reining competitions.  Shalyn has also entered her daughter Kadence, who is 2 1/2 and loves to ride, into a couple of lead line classes last fall and won!
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PMC Workshop and CanTRA Examinations in 2013   April 20th & 21st     We held two volunteer training sessions in preparation for the May workshop at Ridequine,                                       Pilot Butte, Sask.  14 Volunteers attended.  May 3rd & 4th   Our first Therapeutic Riding Instructor mentoring workshop held at Ridequine was a success!                                 11 registered for the workshop.  Assistant instructors (AI’s), Intermediate instructors (II’s),                                and 2 certified CanTRA Instructors.  Nanci Picken conducted the 2-day workshop.  Workshop                                feedback forms were filled out and everyone enjoyed and benefited form her expertise.      October 24th & 25th   Our second workshop was held at the Gait Equestrian Centre, Moose Jaw.                                           CanTRA’s Education Coordinator, Nanci Picken  conducted the 2-day workshop.                                            The itinerary was full, complete with 2 guest speakers who did a tremendous job.  October 26th & 27th  Equilibrium Therapeutic Riding (ETR) in Osler, Saskatchewan hosted the CanTRA                                          Examinations. CanTRA Examiners, Linda Rault and Nanci Picken conducted the exams                                          for assistant and intermediate instructor levels.                                         Congratulations to all the successful candidates!                   											Kirstin Templeton is a Physical Therapist from Moose Jaw, Sask.  												She is Head of Physical Therapy at Alliance, Wellness & Rehabilitation.                                                                                                                            Nicole Brattan is an Exercise Therapist at the same facility,                                                                                                                             assisted Kirstin in the lecture which stressed the                                                                                                                             importance and benefits of stretching before any activity.                                    Eric Fawcett, from Caron, Sask. teaches Equine First Aid. Eric spoke to the group about how to detect lameness in the horse from the hoof up!
We are in need of volunteers.  No experience necessary.  We offer volunteer training workshops facilitated by CanTRA certified therapeutic riding instructors. The success of this registered charity cannot succeed without you!
No future mentoring clinics have been planned for the remainder of 2017.   Location:  Gait Equestrian Centre                    Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan                               Click on the map for Google driving directions                                                                                                                   50.410270,-105695174  Click here for Moose Jaw accommodations                  PMC Activity to date                                                   Activity report for 2015-2016   October 22nd & 23rd, 2016 A “Basic Introduction to Driving” workshop was held at Gait Equestrian Centre, Moose Jaw, Sask. Please see our Facebook page for details and photos.                                                               April 30th & May 1st, 2016 PMC and Gait Equestrian Centre hosted an Instructor updating/mentoring workshop  in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. We had a total of 15 registrants, 4 of whom were from Alberta.   The clinician was Nanci Picken, CanTRA Coach & Examiner.          Click on bottom left corner of this photo to begin slide show  More photos can be seen on our facebook page.  Please click on the facebook icon at the top of this page.  PMC Workshops, Events & CanTRA Examinations in 2015  October 23rd, 24th & 25th, 2015  PMC and Gait Equestrian Centre hosted a pre-technical workshop for (6) exam candidates on October 23rd.  Examinations were held on the 24th & 25th.  Congratulations to all the successful candidates!         June 25th, 26th, 27th & 28th, 2015 We participated in the Swift Current Frontier Days Parade and had a PMC/CanTRA booth in the Stockade Building. Miss Teen South Central Saskatchewan, Gracie McCullough, volunteered to help us promote therapeutic riding and the benefits it gives to riders with special needs.   Gracie’s platform was CanTRA and many stopped  by the booth to wish her luck in the competition of Miss Teen Canada.  Although Gracie was not crowned, her work  with us and the therapeutic riding program at Gait Equestrian Centre was valued and appreciated.           April 24th, 25th & 26th, 2015 CanTRA Instructor Mentoring Workshop at  Gait Equestrian Centre - Moose Jaw, Sask  This workshop was held from April 24th to 26th, 2015.  A total of 10 Instructors registered. 5  of the Instructors pictured here travelled from MRDA  (Manitoba Riding for the Disabled Association Inc. The clinician was Nanci Picken, CanTRA Coach and Examiner.         We invited 3 guest speakers to our Instructor mentoring workshop.  On Friday, Bill Coulter spoke to the group on “TLR”. How to use basic body mechanics for transferring, lifting and repositioning.    Bill was born in Saskatchewan and graduated from  Western Christian High School, Weyburn, Sask.  He is a U of R graduate with a Bachelor of Science Degree and  is a registered Cardiology & Neurology Technologist.  Bill recently retired after almost 40 years with the  Regina Qu’Appelle Health Region,and is currently the co-ordinator of First Responders in Grand Coulee                         On Sunday,  Dr. Terry Goslin did a presentation on “Equine Parasites and Deworming Protocols”  Terry is a large animal vet with Western Veterinary Services in Moose Jaw, Sask.  Terry became a vet to serve people and care for animals.  He believes that developing relationships with his clients is the best part of his job and being a vet has been a very rewarding career choice.  He had completed the veterinary medicine program at the Western College of  Veterinary Medicine in 2009 and now has his own clinic.         February 14th, 15th & 16th    We rented an Exhibit space at the  3rd Annual Saskatchewan Equine Expo held in Saskatoon, Sask. at                                                       Prairieland Park                                                       We shared the booth with Heather  Rintoul, owner & operator of  Rintoul Stables in Humboldt, Sask.                                                       Many visitors and CanTRA members stopped by to say hello and also congratulate Heather on her                                                       intermediate therapeutic instructor certification she received in October, 2013 during examinations held                                                       at  Equilibrium Therapeutic Riding in Osler, Sask.   Heather will soon have her new arena built                                                        to start a therapeutic riding program in the spring.    March 29th, 2014	A  volunteer training session was held at Ridequine.  We were excited to welcome 5 new volunteers who                                        enjoyed the day and shared some stories from their own horse world.  Kara Viczko & Pat Jacobson conducted                                        this workshop with encouragement and gratefully received valuable input from the genuinely interested                                        participants.  The 3 horses we used from Ridequine did a great job!   April 26th & 27th, 2014    We held a successful Instructor Mentoring workshop at Gait Equestrian Centre - Moose Jaw, Sask.                                                  Twelve instructors in total.                                                           We were happy to introduce 2 speakers at the workshop.   On Saturday, Gerd Martin talked about                                                                               Horse Conformation, from the Hoof Up!                                                                                        Gerd is the owner and operator  of Martin’s Farriery.    In 1993, he obtained his training  at Olds College, Alberta 		                                              and has been specializing  in equine hoof care for 21 years!    On Sunday, our saddle fitting clinician was Deborah Williams.  Deborah is owner and operator of Horse & Rider Regina Inc. which is now it’s 25th year!   She has been fitting saddles for a number of years since she attended a saddle fitting course with  Stubben North America in Virginia Prairie Mentoring Centre for Therapeutic Riding Inc.
October 3rd, 2014     We hosted an Instructor Mentoring workshop at Gait Equestrian Centre - Moose Jaw.  This workshop was to mentor and prepare the exam candidates for their examinations on the weekend. October 4th & 5th, 2014    CanTRA Instructor Examinations were hosted for the first time by Kara Viczko - Gait Equestrian Centre.                                        The CanTRA Examiners Nanci Picken & Linda Rault , tested the 6 Instructor candidates.                                        The event was enjoyed by the riders, volunteers and Instructors.                                        Congratulations to the successful candidates!