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Linda Kirkness Helen Sinclair Eric Fawcett Gerd Martin - Martinís Farriery     The Tessier Family Bill Curnew Carey Hydamacka in memory of       Corrine Hydamacka    Barbara Hayes     Gait Equestrian Centre  Moose Jaw, Sk.     Sew-it-up - Regina, Sk.
Dawn Sinclair
We are extremely grateful for all donations, whether monetary, tack, supplies, or equipment.  We will promptly acknowledge every donation, no matter how big or small, with a letter of thanks and an income tax deductible receipt for your records.   PMC
Clinic Grant Map Grant
Ray Herbert, Neilburg, Sask.
Prairie Mentoring Centre for Therapeutic Riding Inc.
Toronto, Ontario
Regina, Saskatchewan
                                      Calgary,  Alberta
Regina, Saskatchewan
Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan COLLEGE PARK II  -  Regina, Sask. RIVERBEND CROSSING MEMORY CARE COMMUNITY - Regina, Sask.                                     COLLEGE PARK 1 - Regina, Sask. WRC Veterans Program - Regina, Sask.